Question: Are your captains Licensed?
Answer: Yes, all of our Captains are US Coast Guard certified with many years of experience in the boating industry.

Question: Can I charter a boat without a captain?
Answer:Our insurance requires that a licensed captain be in charge. Many sailing and charter boats have licensed captains and crew members who can supervise the operation of our support boats.

Question: Will the Protector TARGA be able to maneuver my boat?
Answer: All of the support boats are equipped with twin engines with sufficient horsepower to maneuver yachts in the most demanding situations.

Question: What navigational equipment do the support boats have on board?
Answer: Answer: All of our boats are equipped with GPS charting and Radar.

Question: Can I have guests on board the support boats.
Answer: The Protector TARGA’s can comfortably carry five people on board plus the captain. Depending on the weather conditions and the nature of the support services required, this number may be reduced. As with any vessel the Captain makes all safety decisions.

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